Arrests at Yale University now over pro-Palestine protests

At least 16 people, including some students, have been arrested over pro-Palestinian protest at Yale University, according to the university newspaper. This action comes amid a crackdown at Columbia University.

Like at Columbia University, students had set up ‘Gaza Plaza Liberated Zone’ on the Yale University campus in Connecticut. Yale is one of the Ivy League colleges.

On Monday, Columbia University moved its classes online after tensions mounted due to pro-Palestinian protests. The protests have been going on for several days.

There have been reports of harassment of Jewsish students at Yale University, similar to the incidents at Columbia University.

The ‘Gaza Plaza Liberated Zone’ came up at Yale University in solidarity with the students at Columbia Unkiversity’s Barnard College.

Over 100 Barnard College students, including US Congresswomen Ilhan Omer’s daughter Isra Hirsi, were arrested on April 18.

The Columbia students had set up the Gaza Solidarity Encampment and refused to to leave it despite orders from the University authorities.

Published By:

Girish Kumar Anshul

Published On:

Apr 22, 2024

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